Here are Positively Parenthood, we believe that knowledge is power. We offer two levels of membership, that enable you to feel empowered around your parenting decisions when it comes to sleep, eating and much more.


Positively Practical

Our free level membership includes ten downloadable PDF’s covering a wide range of early years topics, as well as ten bitesize videos, to give you a feel for our premium level content.

Positively Premium

The Positively Premium membership includes access to every single one of our ten parenting courses, listed below. On top of this, we have online forums, monthly Q&A’s with our resident expert’s, one free webinar a month on various parenting topics, and then 50% off any guest webinar hosted on the platform. In short, we wanted a membership that means you are supported through every parenting challenge that you may face in those early years.

  • Newborn Sleep Course
  • Baby Sleep Course
  • Toddler Sleep Course
  • Your Comfortable Baby Course
  • Baby Weaning Course
  • Toddler Behaviour Course
  • Returning to Work Course
  • Preparing for your 2nd Baby Course
  • Potty Training
  • Fussy Eating Course

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We now offer membership as well as individual online courses, for those parents who are interested in more than one of our courses and regularly participate in webinars and Q&A sessions. Our membership offers access to all of our online content, as well as bonus webinars and other extras – all listed below! We can’t wait to have you on board.

Positively practical


  • Access to 10 free downloadable parenting PDF's
  • 10 short videos on newborn to toddler stages
  • Open Parenting Forum
  • Blog
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Positively premium

£120 (£20/month)

£200 (£17/month)

  • Access to library of downloadable PDF's
  • Access to all 10 online parenting courses
  • Specific topic forums
  • Monthly Live Q&A
  • Monthly webinar on various parenting topics
  • 50% off Guest Webinar tickets
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